About Tiara

My love of photography started when I was a teen. I come from a very artistic family, and to be honest, I was never the best. Hard as I tried, anything I attempted to draw, paint, or sculpt, never came out how I had imagined it. Then along came photography. I was fortunate enough to attend a school with a very large, amazing photography program that helped me nurture my own creativity and gave me the tools and know how to make exactly what I saw in my head come to life. And I haven't stopped since.

When it comes to weddings, I love being able to capture wonderful fleeting moments between loved ones. Often enough, those special moments fly by and we're on to the next, but photography can stop and say "No, this moment we keep." 

I take a very limited number of weddings per year which is something that is very important to me. Not only do I think a work/life balance is very important, I also want to be able to remember each couple I work with and to be able to build a lasting relationship. Taking a limited number of weddings each year ensures that each couple gets my full attention so their photos truly reflect who they are.

Along with photography I love being outside,(usually horseback riding) I love reading,(mostly fantasy) binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix,(mostly sci-fi...or The Office) and playing both board and video games. We recently added a new fluffy member to our family named Amos, and he is the cutest, cuddliest, best pup ever. I can't even handle how adorable he is, and many nights are just spent playing with and watching him. My husband and I are also very active in our faith, something very dear to our hearts.

Most of all, I love spending time with my hubby Spencer, and our large group of family and friends. (usually this includes doing something in the above with a good bevvie)

My couples are silly, nerdy, and fun loving romantics. They don't take themselves to seriously and aren't afraid of making a fool of themselves on or off the dance floor. They are adventurous, spontaneous and laid back. Most of all, they are head over heals, heartbeat racing, stomach turning, meet-you-at-the-top-of-the-empire-state-building kind of in love.

If this sounds like you, drop me a line, slide into those DMs, give me a ring and lets get together!


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Tel: 204.791.3438

Email: tiaranicolephotography@gmail.com


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